If you are looking for a reputed school to admit your child into, look no further. Shantiniketan International School CBSE Board is a top-rated school that has built its foundation on sheer hard work, commitment, and unmatched expertise. Founded over 15 years back, we are a community of educators driven by a common goal; to create global leaders of the future.

Shantiniketan International School CBSE, We work in close sync with the parents, students, and staff to create a conducive environment for young minds to develop their outlook and look at everything from a broader perspective. Our curriculum is built not only to help them excel in academics but also to encourage them to build inquiring minds while allowing them to meet their full potential.

Here at Shantiniketan International School CBSE Board, we engage our students in several extracurricular activities which also include working with students from different schools. This pushes them to think broadly while also developing various skills that enable them as future leaders of the world.

We thank all our stakeholders for their faith in our ability to deliver quality education alongside numerous important life skills.

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