About Shantiniketan

Shantinikethan International School Neredmet is a Part of KPR Memorial Educational Akademi, which is a leading educational institution owing to its unyielding commitment to quality education that’s ahead of its time. Built on the rock of hard work, community ethics and strong philosophy, we are poised to raise a generation of role models and pioneers.

SNIS is not a mere institution: it is a cumulative force of the best staff, faculty, infrastructure and curriculum endeavouring to provide holistic learning and development of children right from their formative years to maturity. At SNIS, we put all our efforts into the wholesome development of your child, from classroom learning to real-life practicalities.

We incorporate the best of educational courses to ensure your child’s growth amidst the latest technologies, information and understanding of the contemporary world. SNIS offers the best of National and International syllabi to our pupils. We also believe in fostering strong interpersonal skills, a healthy way of life and a commitment to teamwork.

Underlining all these is our relationship with parents, which entails them being fully- informed about their child’s progress, achievements and scope for further improvement.