Facilities at Shantiniketan


SNIS is built on a 2.5acre campus offering a world-class infrastructure. We make sure that all students get the space and freedom to nurture their hidden talents and find their true calling.


SNIS offers an adequate infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor games such as table tennis, chess, carom, cricket, volley ball, throw ball, tennikoit, badminton, basketball, tennis, skating as well as a separate kids’ play area for the younger ones to revel their energies in a fun way.

Co-Curricular Activities

To nourish their creative side, every student will be actively participating in dance, music, debates, dramatics, and painting activities. A competitive mode of co-curricular activities will also be incorporated in the form of inter-house and inter-school competitions.

State-of-the-Art Computer Labs

Technology is ubiquitous and we are surrounded by information 24/7. Our students will be made adept in methods of finding global information relevant to their learning experiences. SNIS has two computer labs manned by experts in the field. These computer labs provide the necessary computer training for students on various subjects.


The library is the nerve centre of any educational institution. The library at SNIS has a rich collection of books, audio & video tapes on various educational subjects. Our library subscribes to the best magazines and journals from around the world. The teachers guide and motivate the students to develop reading habit.

Science Activity Labs

SNIS offers state-of-the-art labs that allow seamless scientific activities as recommended in Science Activity Rooms. We offer a ‘Learning by Doing’ model where students are taught through hands-on-activities. We ensure our lab provides ample opportunities for students to traverse unexplored vistas of science. At present, our scientific activities’ lab caters to 30 students at a time, and is well equipped with first aid, ventilation and lots of natural light.

Physics Lab

SNIS takes pride in the fact that it has the most spacious and well equipped Physics Laboratory. The work space is equipped with granite tops and side tables with racks, all provided with sockets for electricity connection. The lab also has a dark room to perform experiments.

Biology Lab

The Biology Laboratory is well equipped with essentials like microscopes, slides, stains, forceps, needle etc that are, required for performing experiments.

Chemistry Lab

SNIS has a Chemistry Lab with a work area is in the form of granite top tables which provide individual connections to burners, along with racks containing all reagents and chemicals used during the experiments.

Digital Language Lab

The well equipped Language Lab facilitates high-level language acquisition for student to converse in English with ease and confidence. The lab provides software support which makes it easier for students to acquire language skills.


Our staff is our biggest asset at SNIS. The school has a team of qualified and dedicated staff, committed to the task of fostering a highly inspired atmosphere where students can pursue excellence in areas of their choice. All members of the teaching staff are internationally trained and many of them are trained graduates and post-graduates.