There is no dearth of good schools in Secunderabad. Parents can choose from a long list of reputed schools that have established themselves over the years. However, some institutions such as Shantiniketan International School operate on a different plane entirely.

Good schools in Secunderabad, Founded over 15 years back by a team of accomplished individuals and visionaries, this community of educators seek not only to educate but also to encourage the personal growth and character development of young minds. Our course is built specifically to nurture young minds by challenging them and encouraging them to ask questions. Our staff are not only skilled but also driven by a passion to help mould young minds so that they can become future citizens of a global village.

Out here, we celebrate diversity and encourage our students to learn, understand, and respect differences while working towards a more inclusive worldview. Our staff work in close sync with students and their parents to understand their needs, identify challenges, and find ways to overcome them.

We have received numerous awards over the years which include Best Holistic Education International K12 in Telangana and Emerging School Of The Year (South) among others. We also hold a record of 100% results in CBSE for the last 16 years.

Here at Shantiniketan International School, we are proud and humbled to be considered among the good schools in Secunderabad and are driven by your goodwill and faith in our expertise and commitment.

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